• Tara Lakatos

The Story of Halestorm Freak Lisa Graham

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

One day you discover a band, next you play everything you can find by them, follow their socials, join a social just for them, interact with fellow fans, find new friends, make a new family, realize this is where you belong. I HAD to see them..whatever it took, I had to! And then something happens..both bad and good... I needed a new leg so that wasn’t gonna be cheap..but then the good?...was what each freak dreams of..”Lzzy Hale replied” I had asked, WHEN I get to see y’all next year(2018) would you sign my prosthetic leg? (Had no idea it’d come as fast as it did) And she said “Hell yes I will” (that was on October 25) I will not lie, I broke down and cried I was so happy! No one believed me when I said She actually responded to me lol I mean come on she’s a busy rock star right?!? Little did they know! So when it came time to get a loan for my leg I added enough to go to the rock show! Didn’t know when or where but I’d be ready! And that day came soon after..closest to me was in Indiana.. I thought on that for about a second , We were goin to Indy! Never did THAT before lol next was gettin tickets because I have never bought them before( told y’all was not a concert goer lol) so I asked a pro..Tara! Who I like to call T.M.T thank you, thank you , thank you! For walkin me through my first official Halestorm meltdown lol M&G go fast for someone who has zero pretty sure if it weren’t for you, this story would not be! Tickets were bought, hotel was booked same day, I had a plan! Ronnie and Kassie had no clue what I had done..I just kinda shocked them both with the news “we’re goin to Indy to see Halestorm and like 3 other bands, take these days off, we are meeting Kelli, she’s cool and a freak too, everything is done, I just need you to drive me” the looks I got were almost as priceless as my story! Kassies answer? Fuck yeah and I know some In this moment!”..Ronnie’s answer? Whatever makes you happy! (He was just as excited trust me!) Then somethin made my heart more signings at the M&Gs..noooooooo! This was announced the show before mine..oh the pain of not having them sign my Halestorm leg was crushing! But I still get to see them, and hug them, but it was sucky. We get to the venue, I forget the letter in the car, Ronnie walked back to the hotel (across the street) to get it, meanwhile me and Kassie are chillin in line, I’m actually chattin up a storm (which is odd but hello excitement!) someone wanted a photo of them with my leg! She was wicked awesome! Was even telling my story to a upbeat tiny woman who come to find out was their photographer at the time, So we finally line up to meet them, beautiful day, the backdrop was up, and then the door opened and out came 4 of the most beautiful humans I’ve ever laid eyes on! I froze and I hadn’t even MET them yet.. I had no hope of staying upright lol the non signing of my leg completely left my mind..I was next..Omfl I was NEXT..I heard their photographer say as I wobbled up(y’all know straight walkin was a no go lol) “this one here is a badass” That made me smile then I stepped in their presence..I couldn’t move forward, my legs weren’t gettin brain messages! Run to her! Run damnit! I did not could I? Every single one of them as they stood there(probably thinkin oh no this ones gonna drop)held up a black sharpie! Omg I’m reliving this as I type! I lost it! And Lzzy stepped towards me..and as I cried, she hugged heart had not been that happy and full in such a long time! They each signed my beautiful badass leg! Loved my modified Bad Girls shirt! Ronnie said she told me to go rock that leg out there! I honestly don’t remember words lol I had surpassed cloud 9! The show was amazing, I was blown away to say the least. I wanted so desperately to stay after! Unfortunately standing for over 8 hours on a new leg is not good! But if I had the chance to relive that moment..I’d stand for another 8 hours happily! God bless them for waking the beast inside of me.. my Vicious beast

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