• Tara Lakatos

The Story of Halestorm Freak Crystal Spencer

So I have been a fan for a while but they FINALLY had a show close by! I wish I had the balls to knock on the door of the bus but I didn’t want to be a pest (it takes a lot to prep for a show!) it was my daughter and I (her first big show!) Beasto blanco opened and she got a piece of the drumstick!! Then Palaye Royale came on and she tried to catch the bassist lol. Little did I know an awesome photographer was a few feet away from us (Tara!!) then.. the lights dimmed.. Emily got so excited I thought she was gonna pass out! Then the opening chord... YEEEEESSSS!!!!!! It was fantastic I wanted to cry seeing my baby girl get bit by the concert bug with such a phenomenal group❤️ Lzzy called her out during here’s to us (she was the youngest person there🤣) kisses were blown Josh stole arejays stick mid song and handed it STRAIGHT TO HER!! She made show friends sharing the pics she caught and Judy took her photo for the fan page. Best Mother’s Day ever!!

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